B.Com Distance Education (Bachelor of Commerce)

B.Com Distance Education

Distance B.Com in India

India produces lakhs of B.Com graduates, every year.  Evidently, in a commerce-driven country like India, B.Com is an approved and accepted course. Bachelor of commerce or B.com is an undergraduate degree, offered to students after completion of the 12th standard. Students who have a keen interest in accounts, finance, and corporate law, often opt for this course. The article below holds all the relevant information about a distance B.Com degree course.

Highlights of B.Com Distance Education Programme

  • The key highlights of the B.Com distance education course will include information about, eligibility criteria, duration of the course, and fee structure.
  • Fee Structure: A distance B.com degree is highly affordable. The annual charges per annum are 9,500 Indian rupees with an additional application form charges of ₹500.
  • Eligibility: A student who has successfully completed their 12th from a recognized board of education with a minimum of 50% Marks is eligible to apply for the B.Com Distance Education course.
  • Duration: The duration of a distance B.com programme is 3 years, which can be extended to 6 years. This is subject to the University and is totally under their jurisdiction. The 3 years are usually divided into 6 semesters, each dealing with a particular subject.
  • Age Limit: There is no age limit in applying for distance education courses. A person can start their course at any point of time in their life. It is one of the key benefits of a distance education programme.


Fee Per Annum

INR 9,500/-


50% in 10+2, from a recognized board (ICSE,CBSE, STATE BOARD)


3 to 6 years

Why should you choose B.Com Distance Education?

Distance education has many advantages. It has given students opportunities to study from their own regions, without having to move. The major reasons, you should consider a distance B.com degree are as follows:

  • The fee charges are very cheap and can be easily afforded.
  • There are no entrance examinations conducted for distance education programmes.
  • Many reputed universities provide distance programmes.
  • There are no miscellaneous charges.
  • The course material is provided at your doorstep.
  • Distance education allows you to work and study, at the same time.
  • It is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC).
  • Authorized B.com courses fetch you good jobs with high salaries.
  • Placement opportunities are abundant.
  • Many job profiles are available after b.com.

What are the Employment Opportunities after Distance B.Com Programmes?

B.com offers a wide range of employment opportunities. The field of trade, commerce, and corporate are always on the lookout for b.com graduates to take up various roles. Some of the most readily available jobs after a B.com through distance mode are given below:

  • Auditors: Auditors are pupils, appointed by firms and governments to check the authenticity of bank transactions of any business. They are certified by regulatory authorities or by the government. They are paid handsomely and enjoy a lavish lifestyle.
  • Accountants: An accountant is responsible for preparing and maintaining financial reports. They are in charge of tax returns and evaluate all-important financial operations in a government organization or a corporate firm.
  • Investment Bankers: Investment bankers are professionals who have a good grip over analytics, and are responsible for raising capital. They are smart individuals, who use excellent communication skills to grasp the attention of the clients and provide financial services.
  • Risk Analysts: A risk analyst, calculates the amount of capital risk that a firm may endure while starting or initiating a business venture. They seek the help of historical data to provide a percentage of risk involved in a venture.
  • Financial Advisors: They are people who through years of experience, provide financial advice or guidance to customers. They help in tax saving, planning, and estate planning.
  • Stockbrokers: a broker or a dealer, is an investment adviser who gives investment management services and is responsible for transactions.
  • Teachers and Professors: Teaching is also a great option after a distance com degree. Students are eligible to teach after completing a bachelor’s of education(B.Ed) or they can clear competitive exams for the same.

Which subjects are offered in B.Com Distance Education?

The course content of a regular B.com and distance B.com remain the same. Thus, a student need not worry about missing out on crucial knowledge, that the degree offers. The subjects offered in distance B.com are listed below:

  • Accounts
  • Financial accounting
  • Corporate law
  • Economics
  • Human resource
  • Business etc.

The subjects offered to differ from university to university. The above-mentioned subjects may or may not be offered by the university you wish to apply for. It is recommended to check the website of the university or platform, from which you are pursuing your distance B.com degree.


A distance education course offers students a chance to resume their careers from where they left them. Housewives, working professionals, or retired personnel have benefitted from distance education courses. These courses are authorized and add the same value to one’s resume, as a regular or traditional degree. The course content, study material, and job opportunities are equally available for students of distance education programmes. Hence, this well-established mode of education should be considered equally valuable as traditional classroom learning.

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