BA Distance Education (Bachelor of Arts)

BA Distance Education

What is Distance Education, that everyone is talking about?

To define distance education, we can begin by understanding the meaning of the words distance and education. Distance can be understood as something or someone that is far or away and can be measured in kilometers or miles. Whereas education encompasses, holistic development through learning to read and write. Education plays a crucial part in shaping a person’s personality or image and is important to gain a means of livelihood. Therefore the terms distance and education mean, education from a distance. But how is that possible, one might ask?

With the development and progress in the education system, the government in collaboration with educational institutes has come up with a means to provide education to students who are working professionals, businessmen, housewives, and cannot attend physical mode classes on regular basis. In a distance education degree, study materials of the particular subjects, chosen by the students are shared with them through mail or post and by online mode. The students get all the relevant and required texts and notes at their doorstep. As soon as the material is sent, the students can begin their distance education course.

Which Course is Extensively Opted by Students?

The distance education degree programmes are extensive and thorough in their approach and offer a wide range of courses to choose from. However, some of the most popular and mainstream courses are BA, MBA, MA, MCA, BCA, BLIS, DLIS, MLIS, and BBA. This article will talk about the BA distance education degree, its benefits, job opportunities after the course, and how can one get enrolled in the course.

What are the benefits of choosing a BA Distance Education Programme?

A Bachelor of Arts or BA degree is an undergraduate-level course. It is stretched within a period of 3 years comprising 6 semesters. Each semester has a set syllabus designed, keeping in mind the guidelines of government authoritative bodies like the university grants commission(UGC). UGC is responsible for designing the content of the course and approves it for every institute nationwide.

  1. The first step in availing of the benefits of a BA distance education programme is to get enrolled in an authentic, UGC-approved institute. Everything else follows once you are headed in the right direction.
  2. The most important aspect of pursuing a BA distance education course is, that it is for students who cannot attend physical classes for some reason. It is also for people who wish to study and due to their roles and responsibilities in life, cannot spare time to go to an institution to attend lectures. Lastly, it is for employees, working professionals, business owners, etc. who are, simply striving to improve their resumes or are seeking a promotion while expecting an increment. Thus, this one course comes with a plethora of opportunities to continue one’s studies.
  3. BA distance education course is also relevant for it is self-paced. This entails that people can learn and read at their own speed. There is no hurry or stress to complete the syllabus within a few months, so students can spend quality time grasping a concept and ensuring that they have learned it thoroughly to be able to answer any questions from the concerned subject. This is a great benefit as at times, students feel that a topic is being taught in a rush and certain concepts are left ambiguous. Therefore, failing the purpose of teaching and learning.
  4. Another important benefit is the economical fee structure. This means, that the fee structure is made to suit people from different financial backgrounds. Students belonging to remote and underdeveloped areas, often fail to gain education as there are no financial aids or means; Or they cannot spend a big amount of money on physical classes. So, in order to help such students, the BA distance education programme costs less than half of a regular BA course from a recognized university.
  5. Lastly, the distance education programme is highly flexible when it comes to time. The students can easily manage time, work, or raise a family while giving justifiable time to studying as well. Since the course content is made to be easily understood, it does not take much time to fathom a topic or lesson. The students can divide their time to study, work or perform other activities which are required of them. This makes a BA distance education degree a good option.

Now let us have look at the job opportunities that come after completing a distance education degree.

BA distance education degree can fetch an individual a well-paying and respectable job. A Bachelor of arts has a wide scope, and the subjects offered focus on the overall development of the person. Thus it prepares one for the real world of business, commerce, academics, research, etc.

  1. BA graduate has the eligibility to apply for clerical roles in government and private organizations, they can work incorporate various job profiles like executive, senior executive, receptionist, data entry operator, typist, and many more job profiles.
  2. BA distance education graduate can also, take up teaching jobs at government and private schools. They can teach at a personal level and provide young minds with tutoring classes in all subjects at a senior secondary level. Thereby contributing to society and being an essential part of it.


A broad idea of the scope and benefits of distance education and in particular BA distance education courses have been put in a systematic and easily understandable format in the above article. Anyone who is seeking a plain understanding of the course, what it entails, and opportunities after it can get all the required information. To sum up, it is essential to note that a BA distance education degree comes with its own benefits and disadvantages. It is up to the students to decide, whether the course is meant for them or not. It is advisable to research and read as much as possible to have a good knowledge of the course and mode of learning. It will ensure that one is headed in the right direction in life.

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