BBA Distance Education (Bachelor of Business Administration)

BBA Distance Education fees

What is BBA Distance Education?

BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration. In India, a bachelor’s degree is a higher education program with a duration of 3 years divided into 6 semesters. A Bachelor of business administration is dedicated to providing excellent knowledge of business management, business communication, management information systems, economics, finance, accounting, etc. These are broad categories that are emphasized in a business degree.

BBA Distance Education

Distance Education for a BBA Programme

The beginning of distance education courses in India has given several students a chance to pursue their education, without being compelled to leave their jobs, homes, or other crucial responsibilities. It is a viable alternative for students, who can not attend physical classes, however, are keen on completing or resuming their education.

A Distance BBA Programme provides the same curriculum but the mode of imparting or delivering lectures is different. A distance learning course, offers the students, a chance to study at their own pace while attending to other responsibilities. The students are free to study and work according to their flexible time schedules. This is one reason, why distance courses are popular among students.

Major Highlights of the BBA Distance Learning Programme

The following points will give you the key highlights of the course.

  • It focuses on subjects like management, business communications, economics, etc.
  • It is a professional course, that delivers application-based knowledge along with theoretical.
  • Distance BBA courses can be of a duration of 3 years which can be extended to 6 years.
  • It offers a wide range of job opportunities from analysts, to financial advisors.

50% Marks in 10+2


₹ 12,500/- Semester
  • 3 years
  • 6 semesters
  • 1 Semester=6 months
  • *subject to change

Reasons to Go for a Distance BBA Programme

Today, hundreds and thousands of universities and colleges offer distance courses. Understanding if the distance course will suit your needs and offer you all its benefits becomes important. The following points are some of the advantages of pursuing a BBA distance education course:

No physical classes or attendance issues

A major drawback for working professionals or housewives when it comes to resuming their education is the need to attend physical classes and maintain a good attendance record for issuance of an admit card, to appear for exams. Since the distance mode allows you to study from your place and requires no attendance, it becomes an excellent option for students.

No age limit

After fulfilling the eligibility requirements, a distance learning program can be opted for at any age. So, if you are 25 or 55 years of age and above, it doesn’t matter. Education can be attained at any age.

Affordable fee structure

A BBA distance education course costs less than a traditional degree. The miscellaneous charges, cost of commute, and living expenses are all reduced to zero when a person signs up for a distance program.

No group projects or extra credit work

The students of a distance BBA degree are free from hectic project submissions and group work for extra credit. This saves up time and effort which can be utilized in working and studying.

Detailed and simplified course content

The notes provided to the students are in a simple language which makes them easy to clean and grasp.

Enhanced resume

The students who opt for distance education stand a chance of improving or enhancing their resume. They can keep doing courses that will ensure good job opportunities and a better-qualified outlook.

Gain experience

students can also take up projects and jobs while studying as they have a flexible time schedule and can put to use their theoretical knowledge. This improves their skills and makes them a good pick for recruiting into companies.

Admission Process and Requirements for BBA Distance Education Course

The candidate seeking admission into a distance learning program should keep in mind the following points before applying.

  • Keep track of the availability of admission forms on the website of the institution that offers distance BBA courses.
  • Fill out the forms before the deadline arrives. Do not wait for the last day as heavy traffic on the website can lead to the failure of submission.
  • Keep a scanned copy of your 10+2 mark sheets.
  • Keep a scanned copy of your passport-size photograph and signature
  • Keep credit/debit cards in handy for fee submission
  • Make sure you are familiar with the mode of fee payments to avoid any confusion

What career opportunities are available after a distance BBA degree program?

This is the most asked question by students who are concerned about the job opportunities after completing their distance degree program. The following job profiles with high salary expectations are available for graduates of the BBA distance education program.

  • Customer Care Executive
  • Junior Operations Manager or Senior Operations Manager
  • Project Analyst
  • Business Solutions Developer
  • Engagement Manager
  • Project Manager or Solutions Architect (from a business point of view)
  • Management Trainee
  • Business Development Executives
  • Relationship Associates
  • Financial Analyst
  • Management Trainee
  • Business Development Executives
  • Relationship Associates
  • Financial Analyst
  • Management Trainee
  • Business Development Executives
  • Relationship Associates
  • Financial Analyst
  • Management Trainee
  • Business Development Executives
  • Relationship Associates
  • Financial Analyst


A BBA distance education degree will enhance your knowledge and make you well-equipped for the job sectors. It is a professional degree, that opens new opportunities for everyone. Students can choose to take up a job or go for higher education after completing their distance program. A master’s of business administration is widely considered by and opted for by graduates of BBA. The practical knowledge gained over 3 years will help the students in the working sector and prove useful in seeking handsome salary packages. Thus, a BBA degree can turn your career around and lead you toward a successful and bright future.

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