Online M.Com (Master of Commerce)

M.Com Online Master of Commerce

What is an Online Degree?

An online mode of education is certified and well received by the Indian education system. It attempts to provide quality education through an online mode, where students are taught either through online video lectures or are provided with the study material.

What is Online M.Com?

M.Com is a Postgraduate degree offered to students from a commerce background. It stands for Master of commerce. It is a course which follows an in-depth knowledge about financial studies, business models, transactions and economy. The online degree is taught via online portals such as google meet, WebEx or Zoom.

Who can take up M.Com through Online Mode?

The Eligibility Criteria for Online M.Com are listed below:

  • Students holding a bachelor’s degree in commerce are eligible to opt for Online
  • A minimum of 50% Marks is required in the bachelors degree to seek admissions in the online/distance Course.
  • There is no age limit to apply for the course.

What is the Duration of an Online M.Com degree?

A master’s in commerce is a 2-year programme. It is divided into four semesters each dedicated to a particular facet of commerce. The masters degree through online mode is of the same duration. Any extension in the period/duration, is subject to the university, institution, platform, or portal providing the course.

How much does it cost?

An online degree costs 50% less than a regular degree. The fee charged per semester is 24,000 INR for residents of Indian nationality and US$ 1150, for international students. The fee charges are subject to change and can be verified at the official website of the institution.

Top reasons why you should choose M.Com Online education Programme.

Flexible study hours: The online mode gives the students the luxury to learn at their own pace. The study material is offered to the students, at their doorstep. They can divide their time according to their need and pursue the course without having to attend physical classes.

Affordable: The online education portals and platforms are made for the ordinary man. The course fee is cheap and easy on the pocket. The standard of education is well maintained and similar to a regular degree.

Learning and Application: The students who are pursuing online courses have the opportunity to learn and apply the knowledge in the practical world. Since, a high number of individuals pursuing an online degree are working professionals, it gives them an edge over the others as they can bring theory into practice.

Resume Building: One of the attractive features of this mode of education is that a person can decide to do a degree at any point in his or her life. This is a great chance to add more qualifications to the resume and enhance the overall outlook to attract more opportunities in the job sector.

Learn at Any Age: Learning has no expiration date. This means that a person can wake up one morning and decide to do the degree they always wanted to but could not due to some circumstances. Whether one is a working professional, home maker, or an entrepreneur, anyone can pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree at any age via online mode.

Admission process for Online M.Com Degree

Keep the following points in mind, while applying for a masters degree course in commerce (M.Com).

  • All educational certificates should be scanned and kept readily available.
  • A passport size photograph and signature are to be submitted virtually, and should be kept at one’s disposal.
  • Check the admission dates regularly, so you may pay in time and before the deadline.
  • Do not wait for the last date and fill the admission forms as soon as possible. At times, die to heavy traffic on the website, it becomes difficult to submit the form. Thus, filling and submitting prior to the deadline is recommended.

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