MA Distance Education (Master of Arts)

MA Distance Education

Distance Education for Postgraduate Degree Programmes

Postgraduate degrees are prestigious in the academic realm. It is traditionally known as a master’s degree offered in a wide range of subjects. A master’s programme provides specialization in particular subjects that interests the student. This article talks about the role of distance education.

Distance MA or a master of arts through distance mode is a prevalent course. It is pursued by many graduate degree holders. The degree programme is aimed at preparing students in one subject. They are given an in-depth account of the origin, scope, and future of the subject. The various subjects offered in a master’s degree course (distance) are English, Hindi, Punjabi, sociology, political science, mathematics, psychology, history, education, and economics.

These subjects offer great opportunities for research and holistic development. A general overview of the above-mentioned subjects is provided in the following sections.

Master of Arts through Distance Mode.

Education in distance mode is stereotyped in today’s world. We are surrounded by individuals busy advancing their career prospects and creating opportunities. Individuals who work to make a living and wish to gain education alongside are blessed to have distance education. It is flexible and consumes less time. Distance MA also provides exclusive study material or notes. This gives additional help to students to learn and grasp new concepts. It ensures effective learning and maintains the sanctity of the degree course.

The subjects offered in Distance MA Programmes

Today, many universities provide distance education in India. These are UGC-approved courses and hold the same value as a regular degree. The number of opportunities that come after these degrees is equal. The students only need to discover their interest in a subject and pursue the course in a mode that suits them best The major subjects offered by many universities across India are as follows:

  1. MA English
  2. MA Sociology
  3. MA Psychology
  4. MA Hindi
  5. MA Punjabi
  6. MA Economics
  7. MA History
  8. MA Education
  9. MA Political Science
  10. MA Mathematics

A general overview of Fee Structure and Eligibility Criteria

A Distance Degree Course is inexpensive. Since the miscellaneous charges of a traditional classroom are waived off, it becomes highly affordable to take up a distance programme of your choice.

The fee structure for the above-mentioned courses revolves around 6000 Indian rupees (per semester). It is quality education imparted for those who can not afford the skyrocketing fees of big institutes. The fee structure is kept within reach of the layman. Distance education’s aim is to give an opportunity to students who cannot pursue traditional courses as they are doing a job, raising a family, or are a homemaker.

The application fee for each course is 500 rupees, which is nonrefundable. Apart from that, there are no extra charges and the students are free from the financial burden. Thus, making learning a good and enjoyable experience.

Distance Education and its benefits

1. Affordable fee structure: As mentioned in the previous section, the fee structure is designed keeping in mind the pocket of the layman. Each course or a professional degree costs less than the traditional degree programme provided at a university. The mode being distance, a major amount of sum is reduced to half. The cost of transportation, books, notes, and fuel are cut down to zero. Living expenses are eliminated as the student studies at his /her own place in the comfort of his/her home. It is a one-time investment and a brilliant medium to continue or resume your education.

2. Flexible Time Schedule: The notes and books are provided by the distance education platform. Therefore, the student can decide on a flexible time schedule to study. There are no boundaries of time. The students can take up their doubts to the teacher, who is assigned to them.

3. No Commute: The students study from their homes and there is no requirement to attend physical classes. This is a key feature which is one of the most attractive ones also in terms of eliminating the hassle of traveling. The cost and time wasted on transportation are cut down and that money can be utilized in other substantial activities.

4. Hassel free Learning: The study material is designed in a simple and easily understandable language. It is made for self-study, and the language is of a beginner’s level. Thus, studying becomes a hassle-free activity.

5. Education in remote regions: It is often noticed that the students who pursue a distance education programme are living in remote areas where access to basic amenities is denied. Thus, education reaches the neediest and helps in bringing about a change in society.


Distance Education has improved in recent years. It has given opportunities to those in need of it. If you are someone, who is waiting for the right moment to complete their education and begin a journey to a successful career, distance education is the right path for you. It is affordable, flexible, and gives you the luxury to work according to your time. Begin your delightful learning experience today.

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