Master of Arts (MA) Sociology

(Annual System, English/ Hindi/ Punjabi Medium)

Programme Introduction

The two year master’s degree programme in sociology is designed for open and distance learning to provide advanced sociological knowledge, perspectives and skills to a wide cross section of students who are unable to access and also who doesn’t have enough time for the regular course. The purpose of this course is to introduce the basic concepts, methods and theories of sociological. Students will be introduced to the sociological perspective and will be presented with a set of core sociological concepts and tools to examine the social world and explore social issues. The course contents focuses on the concepts and theories of sociological, social research methods, social research methods, social stratification and social mobility, rural and urban societies in the contemporary India. In addition, courses at this level are also concerned with the problems relating to globalization, development, mass media and social change.

Academic Objectives

Broadly, three orientations can be described/ defined with reference to the teaching of sociology.

  1. Job orientation (as in vocational courses).
  2. Knowledge orientation (as in personality and skill development).
  3. Social orientation (as in responsible citizenship education). Keeping this orientation in mind, the programme emphasized on the following


  1. To equip the students to critically understand and interpret social institutions, social issues and changes.
  2. To generate in students the importance of understanding how gender, ethnic, racial and religion differences, among others, influence social structure and social processes in human societies.
  3. To help students broaden their view of society beyond their own immediate experience and understand how and why their own experiences may be similar or different to the experiences of others.
  4. To help students acquire skills that will be useful to them in their personal and professional life.

Programme Code



Min. Duration 2 Years Max. Duration 5 Years

Eligibility Criteria

Graduation in any discipline or equivalent

Eligibility, admission criteria or any other condition mentioned here in or otherwise for admission to any programme is subject to change as prescribed by the university and/ or any concerned statutory body.

Career Prospects

Some of the relevant designations related to MA Sociology

  • Sociologist
  • Social Worker in various NGOs
  • Research Analyst/ Research Fellows/Research Associates for carrying out policy relevant projects
  •  Teacher/ Lecturer

Teachers can find employment in

  • Secondary schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Educational research institutes
  • Teaching opportunities in foreign countries

Further study options after M.A.

  • M.Phil.
  • Ph.D.