Online vs Regular Education

Online vs Regular Education

The Importance of Education

Education is a tool to improve one’s life and bring about a change in society. Education has become pivotal in changing and challenging set norms and dogmas, which no longer serve the greater good.

Learning is a lifelong process, hence Education will never lose its relevance. Education lays down the foundation of a person’s life and thus, obtaining a higher level of education becomes of utmost importance. It improves knowledge, skills and develops a person’s personality and attitude. Apart from personal enhancement, education increases employment opportunities for people. A well-educated person is likely to get a well-paying job.

The education sector has changed drastically during the years of pandemics. It was the only industry that did not come to a halt when the world was in the abyss. This gives way to advance modes of learning such as online education. As the demand añd popularity of online education increases, it creates a conflict between the traditional and new ways of learning. This article will help its readers to see through the advantages and disadvantages of online and regular education.

As technology is advancing, the online mode of learning is gradually becoming a norm, however, we cannot go forward without learning the benefits of both.

Regular education means gaining knowledge through traditional physical classes. The world before the pandemic could never foresee a future, where people learned through online classes.

The Advantages of Regular mode of Education are as follows:

Discipline and Schedule

The regular classes revolve around a set schedule. There is discipline and students have to maintain decorum. This is necessary for the early stages of learning as a young mind understands the importance of time, and respects its value.

Individual Attention to Students

The most important aspect of learning is to grasp the information and to make sure that the communication between the student and teacher is effective. This becomes feasible in regular classes as the teacher can give equal attention to each individual and ensure the delivery of the message.

Extra-curricular Activities

Students in a regular classroom, have the opportunity to explore other interests such as sports, music, dance, etc. This makes them active and helps in building character. These activities are not a part of the regular course so students may have the provision to skip them.

Availability of Study Materials

The regular mode provides books prescribed by the UGC to the students. This is convenient as the students do not hustle to find books in libraries or bookstores. All the material is provided by the regular platform. This saves time and effort, which can be utilized in other useful work.

Let us now look at the benefits of an online mode of education, which has gained momentum recently, and is a promising platform.

The Advantages of Online Education are as follows:

Flexible Time Schedule

Since the students do not leave their homes for learning, they have the liberty of adjusting their online lectures. The students can record their lectures and access them anytime, anywhere. This saves a lot of time which can be used mindfully in learning new things and exploring new avenues.

Affordable Fee Structure

Online courses are affordable as the fee charged for the courses is less than the regular model. Other expenses such as library charges and miscellaneous charges can be avoided. Furthermore, the study materials are provided online exclusively, therefore the students do not spend on books and notes.

Attention to Each Individual

The strength of an online class is less as compared to a regular class. Thus, the teacher can give individual attention to each student in a live lecture. Every student feels heard and can discuss relevant topics and gain clarity.

Technology Oriented

The students use online platforms to access lectures, therefore they learn new technologies and make themselves tech-savvy! The teachers too are well equipped with technological tools to handle an online classroom and engage effectively to deliver good lectures.

Eco-friendly and Cost-effective

The online mode promotes online resources and study materials. Thereby, saving paper and giving back to the environment. The cost-effective nature of online education helps students from a weaker section of society. The Cost of commute, living expenses, fuel, food, groceries can be avoided as students access lectures from the comfort of their own homes. They can avoid moving to another city for studies and helps them utilize their time in gaining experience while doing a job or pursuing any other project.

Our verdict on Online and Regular Education

Online education has helped students achieve higher things in life, and hampered learning to lead and accomplish. The online mode has developed tremendously and has improved to help students achieve a greater learning experience. However, the online mode cannot replace the regular mode, but it is convenient for students who cannot attend regular classes.

There are no strict rules to be adhered to thus making education a positive and fun experience. The students can learn at their own pace and clear doubts from their professors. The biggest advantage of online lectures is that the students are free to ask questions at any time. They are well equipped to return to topics and lessons that are not clear or ambiguous. There is diversity and exposure, which helps in achieving social skills and rapport building. The online classroom consists of students from all walks of life and engages with each other to know their cultural differences and societal changes.

Students learn and accomplish together. Hence, an online mode of education excels in all respects and can be chosen over the regular mode. However, it is the will of the student to make a smart career choice, which will fitful their requirements and prepare them for their future endeavours.

Speaking of regular mode, it is for students who wish to experience university and college life along with gaining an education. It is ideal for students who wish to focus on academics, entirely. Since there are time constraints, a regular student cannot go for jobs and projects. They cannot gain experience while learning, so it is theory-based. If you are someone, looking to enhance their resume by adding additional degrees to their name then the regular mode of education is not for you.

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